It should be kept in mind that once we dispatch order we don’t follow the rules that are laid right down to us by respective postal offices. Thus we don’t acquiesce any rules and regulations that are laid down by independent postal services. We are not accountable to assist anyone with respect to the postal routes or to picking the way of assembly for delivery. Having said that we attempt to supply options that help our clients and thus are going to be the foremost convenient for them.

Advertisements and promotions:

We understand the impact of solid marketing and thus occasionally may like better to send promotional materials to our respective clients and customers. Conventionally speaking, our clients may find variety of promotional content in their respective emails. You may also receive codes for coupons. These will equip clients to a range of services and seasonal discounts. .The coupons may have variety of terms that one would want to satisfy before the activation of the coupon code. Thus it’s obviously advisable for everybody to first experience all the terms before actively using the coupon in any way. This can only help them become more responsive to the merchandise and service offerings.

It is important to appreciate that certain discounts may only be applicable to a specific segment of our audience. The foremost popular way of deciding who discounts are applicable for is that the level of association that the client has with our company. It is fairly simply to utilize a coupon. All the customer must do is note the code present on the coupon so simply fill the space given within the order details for the coupon information with the coupon number.

It is important to understand that under no circumstances will it’s allowed to accompany the usage of a coupon therewith of the other discount. Thus all clients are advised to stay in mind that they use the coupon only independently. If you select to use a coupon code, you’ll not be permitted to enter the other code or utilize the other discounts when making an order with us. Hence choose wisely.

It also better to specify that the coupon codes that are provided by us are only visiting cover products that may be managing solely our websites. Thus please bear in mind that they’re going to not work after you are looking to control on third party websites. Whether or not the links of those third party websites are included on our website, the coupon code won’t be functional on these websites. Thus the coupon codes are strictly only applicable to our website.

Also, the foremost common use of the coupon code would be a reduction within the price, Thus don’t think that it may be utilized in paying for the delivery charges or the handling fees. Also, no coupon codes are used as a way for you to forgo any liabilities that you just might otherwise should bear.

There are however certain items that in no way are going to be ready to have discounts. We are at full liberty to make a decision which items these can be and thus don’t seem to be accountable to be held liable in any way whatsoever.

It is in fact best to know that each one kinds of promotional content and material are strictly time bound. Many promotional content thus may end when a season does and that we bear no liability when that’s seen or found to be the case. Most conventionally speaking, the offer will expire when the month ends. Thus you wish to be very particular about once you opt to utilize a coupon code and confirm that the coupon code will still be functional at that point.

It is also important that you simply know that no coupon codes under any circumstance should be sold or be transferred to anyone related to you. These coupon codes after all can’t be exchanged for cash and that we bear no responsibility if the least bit they’re found to be removed or deleted. Also, once you’ve got placed an order with UG packaging, you may in no way be ready to use your coupon code for that product just in case you probably did not do so at the time of the order.

Also, if you create an order using the coupon code and for a few reason, the order cannot be completed, you’ll only be refunded the number that you just personally paid. No coupon amount goes to be refunded to you under any circumstance. In many cases if the time expires, the coupon code could also be left non-functional. In case of return of only some of the order, the terms and conditions will only be applicable to it particular segment.

In case of return of only some of the order, the terms and conditions will only be applicable to it particular segment.


To begin with, the costs of all the things and orders on this website is quoted within the dollar currency. We endorse and take payment from a range of venues and ways. We usually accept MasterCard, Visa Card and PayPal payments. However, if we suspect fraud and an unlawful past, we are complete liability to reject payments and credit cards held by a specific individual.

Before you order something from the UG Packaging it’s best to possess an entire and comprehensive list of all the MasterCard history with you. We also lay caution that you just only provide us with the authentic and proper MasterCard that you just are authorized to use. Also all the knowledge regarding your MasterCard should be specified with utmost accuracy. Any misrepresentation of data on our forms will under no circumstance be taken lightly by us. Also, special consideration should be made to make sure that no MasterCard information that’s up so far should be included within the form. Just in case this can be found to be true, only you’ll be held accountable. Also, you would like to remember that if the least bit any MasterCard ever becomes outdated you’re the one who is responsible to instantly notify us in order that we take measures to update your account information. This may facilitate your within the transaction process the maximum amount because it will help us and you may be getting your order within the quickest time.

It is also vital for you to appreciate that everyone orders are to be paid completely at the time that you simply will make the order. Compensations during this regard could also be given by us contingent the circumstances but this can obviously be highly reliant to our own discretion. We in no way are going to be held in command of any leverage that we decide to administer. You are also advised to hold with you all information that you just will help verifying that the MasterCard indeed belongs to you. This can help us be in a very better position to be on your side just in case claims suggesting otherwise are made. This may also help us serve you better, just in case your MasterCard is rejected for any reason.

In case you modify your mind and go for additional services with us, we’ll be debiting the quantity that you just owe to us from the MasterCard that you simply originally provided to us. If however, you are feeling that an alternate one has to be used, we advise that you just provide us with another one on a direct basis before you truly order for these additional services.

If you have got made any arrangement with the UG Packaging to be charged with any alternative means, it might be best to form sure that you just have cleared all the payments that you simply owe to us within five days. Failure to try and do so will end in us automatically debiting the payment from the account that you just originally provided us.

Thus it’s been established that proper MasterCard information with UG Packaging should be maintained.

Order cancellation:

To begin with, orders that are suitable for printing your boxes can indeed be cancelled. Having said that, special consideration must be given to the time that you just value more highly to go for the order cancellation. If the orders has entered into the particular phase of printing, then cancellation of orders can’t be executed. During this case, whether or not you are doing cancel your orders, you in no way are visiting be compensated for the cancellation. No fees that you just may need got having your logos designed by us are visiting be paid back to you either. Thus retain mind that if you wish to cancel your order with us, you wish to demand for thus well before your order with us enters the printing phase.

It’s really easy to see if an order has entered the printing phase. You may see an icon that means that the order will be cancelled and thus has not entered the printing phase when that’s the case. All then you wish to try and do is click on the icon and a friendly representative will go back to you in absolutely no time to satisfy your concerns and desires

We also place all our orders for our customers for one month or thirty days. If within now frame, they fail to produce us with the whole documentation, we’ll automatically be left with no other option but to cancel their orders. All the cash that they paid to us are restored into their account within ten business days.

Privacy and safety:

It is important to understand that if you seek to own your orders placed with us, it becomes only mandatory that you simply supply us with all the particular information to run your order correctly. We will need having said that, you in no way must fear having your personal information being provided to any third party unless obligated upon us by law. It’s also vital that you simply understand that we take every step necessary to make sure that none of the data that you simply provide to us becomes accessed by unauthorized personnel. For more information on the problem please be happy to read our privacy policy.


If a user is found to not act in a very lawful way or is breaching the terms and conditions, we’ve got complete authority to cancel the registration of his account with us. Not only that, we also are in perfect position to be able to deny him complete access to any portion of our website. Thus it’s advised to read the terms and conditions carefully and to follow them under all circumstances.

It is important to grasp that before we terminate your account, we in no way are going to be at risk of intimate you or issue you a warning. We are not accountable to produce with any rationale and thus the choice to do so will solely be made on our own discretion.