What is Custom Boxes?

Boxes that may be customized into any style, shape, and size are called Custom Boxes. Together with the various form of printing on them they're called as Customized Printed Boxes. There are many types of the custom boxes because every items needs different packaging. Whatever we are selling, but we've got to figure on the packaging. Custom Boxes are used as a packaging material for ages. The sturdiness and sustainability of Custom Boxes make it a perfect packaging material for each manufacturing company and retailer. Because of increase in land pollution, wrapping the goods into custom boxes is extremely recommended. Many manufacturing companies have already switched to custom boxes so as to play their part in decreasing pollution. Using Custom boxes could be a wonderful idea not just for commercial purposes but also for private uses. Let me offer you the simplest examples for private and commercial usage of Custom Boxes.

Personal Use:

In daily routine of life we use bakery items. Bakery Items are the most delicate items that require to be preserved inside good quality boxes. Only strong and sturdy packaging materials like Cardboard Boxes or Kraft Boxes are able to keep your fragile goods safe and intact.

Commercial Use:

Custom boxes are a reasonable, best and successful method to enhance your company brand, attract attention, and help customers easily recognize of your item. Easy method to improve sales is that the ultimate goal of each retail seller and manufacturing company. Nobody wants to be at the bottom level. Every company manufactures goods with the dream to maximise sales and increase profits.

Benefits and Uses of Custom Boxes:

Custom boxes are extremely exceptional in their appearance. They are available in almost all the shapes, sizes, colours and designs to complement the ever growing and ever increasing demands of innovative packaging. Below you can see some most important benefits of Custom Boxes:

1) Sustainability: Sometime we need to use special type of Custom boxes to sustain which is easy to transport various products from one place to another in a safe way. At that moment we need to use custom boxes for secure the items such as Bakery Boxes.

2) Cost Affordability: Packaging items for display and transfer from here to there in custom boxes significantly reduce transfers costs for companies. Hence, if you are thinking to reduce the cost of your expenses the best things is to use the Custom Boxes for packaging of your Products.

3) Inspiring Colours: Display Boxes and presentation is the first thing to attract the customer before making any decision to buy the product. This display can be enhanced by using of inspiring colours and structure of custom packaging. These colours are eye attracting to the customers and in the result you can get progress in your business.

4) Custom designing: If you want to display your Brand logo and description that what you can provide to your customers so you have to contact supplier who can provide you the best design, themes, structures, colours and layout of Custom Boxes. UG Packaging is one of the best supplier who can provide you the best services for your Custom designing on your boxes.

5) Protection during Shipping and Storage: The Custom Boxes are easy to arrange transport and storage to the store. The best thing is this way you can reduce the cost of transport. These custom box packaging also gives protection to the items and it does not take any more investment in its packaging for safety.

6) Proper Size and Shape: The product may be in any size, volume and shape. It is very important to wrap them such Custom Boxes which are graceful and unique with their Structure (Size and Shape). The Custom Boxes can be make any required structure. They are compatible to hold the items.

7) Ensure Long life and 100% protection: The Custom boxes guarantee the safety of the products and increase the life of the products. The custom boxes give a lot of space to pack the items and protect them during transfer.

8) Brand Advertisement: Your packaging boxes are not only for the protection and secure purposes but you can also use the boxes to market your brand with the help of Custom Boxes. In fact, using your box packaging to market your brand is the most best and economical advertisement method. Most of us in these day are brand conscious and prefer to go with one brand. Brand is recognition with the help of its name and Brand logo on the upper layer of the box items. Custom Packaging gives the independent packaging for the product that benefits buyers use and enjoy the company's items.

9) Easy To Customize: You can make all the custom boxes that you desire in your packaging design and get them printed in a huge amount to get the wholesale rates for them. If you have an increased demand of packaging to fulfil, then getting them in bulk is the most cost-effective option.

10) Unique and Best Presentation: It is the wish of almost all the companies to display the items uniquely and in best order to make the difference between the competitors. This can be done with ease by using Custom Boxes. Custom Boxes can be printed in any shape, size, colour and design. These things can increase value of the items and most attracting thing in the market and shops.

How to select the box for your product?

One of the important thing you have to remember during the selection of the custom boxes for your product, because you have to understand your target audience. Your Audience are the people you want to spend in your creation. As you are very well aware that there are many types of boxes. Now, the thing is how we can select the right box for our product. Below you can see the methods for the selection of boxes for your items.

1) Packaging Transportation: Transport packaging is designed to protect goods that are in transit, especially products that are shipped by truck or train. Once you have decided on the package design, theme, and structure. It’s time to consider your functionality. No matter how amazing the design, if the package doesn’t function properly, it will do you no favours. Products with a long time frame of realistic usability that need to stand apart considerably after quite time a while on the rack need unique considerations, as well. A predominant print finish, for example, with an UV treated high-gloss, fluid based covering could do only the trick.

Products with a long time frame of realistic usability that need to stand apart considerably after quite time a while on the rack need unique considerations, as well. A predominant print finish, for example, with an UV treated high-gloss, fluid based covering could do only the trick.

2) Packaging Materials: Your choice of material is one of the most important parts of your packaging design. When it involves packaging materials, it’s an honest rule of thumb to treat your products such as you would treat yourself. Even as you'd not want to measure in an exceedingly home that's too big or too small, the proper space for the proper packaging has great effect on the final result. Whether you go the paper or plastic route depends on your brand’s style and the product itself, though keep in mind that consumers prefer paper packaging. 68% of customers say they’re more likely to decide on item in an exceedingly paper or cardboard package versus a plastic package, and 63% say paper wrapping makes a product seem more high-quality.

3) Packaging Budget: As with most marketing strategies, budget is going to have a big impact on what you can and cannot do. When arising along with your spending limit, confirm your budget not only for the packaging itself but also for the creative work and idea that goes into designing it. Before you start the process of any packaging you must have to idea of your budget. Because of this you have exact idea what type of materials you can use and how much you have to spend the cost for making your designs. Materials like glass and natural fibers look terrific and are visually appealing to customers, but are not cheap, either to manufacture or to ship. Glass is heavy and breakable, resulting in shipping and storage concerns, and should result in increased consumer prices. Sometimes the customer is willing to pay more for greater perceived value, but sometimes that increase in price isn't well worth the cost of additional packaging.

4) Packaging Size: If you have an item that has four different sizes. Being creative during this way and incorporating cost saving measures. You may well be able to reduce costs by designing two different sized packages rather than four individual sizes and will also ensure consistency throughout your products. For measurement of ground packages use the following steps:

Basic Formula: Length + 2x Width + 2x Height
Step 1. Determining Length
Step 2. Determining Girth (2x Width + 2x Height)
Step 3. Add the length and the girth together. This is your package measurement.
Step 4. Weigh the package to obtain its actual weight.

5) Packaging types: Packaging keeps the world organized. Whether it’s a packet for your cigarette, a diaper packaging for your baby or the bottle that holds the tasty liquid particles of your beer together, the things we put things in are important! Below you can see the ten types of Packaging:

Popular Packaging Types

Sr #Packaging TypeSr #Packaging Type
1Paperboard Boxes2Rigid Boxes
3Corrugated Boxes4Paper Bags and Sacks
5Plastic Boxes6Poly Bags
7Vacuum Packaging8Shock Mount Packaging
9Chipboard packaging10Foil Sealed Bags

6) Packaging Design and Branding: Many companies fail to understand there is a strong connection between product design and branding. While it’s important to contemplate budget, transportation, materials, and package design and to include each of those elements into your overall package design, it’s key to stay your audience at the forefront of every of those decisions. A product can sabotage its own success when it isn't designed, created, launched, and sold with the brand at its core. Product Packaging and branding work together, instead it could lose its credibility or confuse the market and create a difference from other competitors. Keeping your target market at the forefront of your design along the way will facilitate your meet overall success with package design.

How to Order the Custom Boxes?

There are 3 simple steps you have to follow to place your order.

1) Choose A Style:
You can select your design and structure of your box from the box styles page or even you can enter your dimensions and which type of material do you want to use for manufacturing of your custom box?

2) Add your Artwork:
This is time to get interest for making the custom boxes! You can add a logo, description of your Brand, pictures, colours or a design you’ve created yourself to make a box that is unique to you and create a difference from other competitors.

3) Place your Order:
Check the final touch of your custom box, if you see any problem in the design of your custom box you can contact us or even you can send us a sample of the custom box before placing the order. Place your order quantity and instant pricing, you can get exactly what you need!

Why Choose UG Packaging?

UG Packaging offers an online box configuration tool for ordering personalized shipping boxes. When you need good things come in small packages. At UG Packaging, we believe to create great things come in best packaging and custom boxes, whether they’re small or large printed shipping boxes, or anything in between. As the main organization that gives a hand craft lab, live review, and instant quote, we not just give you the opportunity to unload your imagination and build up your own structure, however we additionally assist you with doing it productively.

We convey excellent ridged boxes quicker than the other competitors, and at very low costs. Our commitment to having the simplest customer service within the business has set us apart and served us overflow our 20+ year history. This can be complimented by knowledgeable box consultants, an oversized design staff.

Whether over the phone or via our online box configurator, or you can send us an email inquiry. Our customers are able to order or printed corrugated boxes exactly to their specifications and receive them the following day, if necessary. Our online box configuration tool allows users to determine the overall cost of their custom box, including shipping and handling, so there aren't any hidden costs. We are very happy with our on-time delivery percentage being over 99%. And if you’re having trouble, we’re here to help with anything from design to technical support.